Afternoon Tea are a cool, quirky group of young people who come from all walks of life. What we all have in common is that we’re trans or questioning our gender identity. If you’re 13-25 and trans or unsure about your gender, we’d love you to join us!

Being trans means feeling like your gender is different from what you were told when you were born, (usually an M or an F on your birth certificate). Some people feel like boys, some feel like girls, and some feel like something else – maybe a third gender, or none, or a mix between the two. All of these are trans identities if they differ from what others expect you to be.

Going to a new place and meeting new people is often scary. We can’t change that, but we can promise that we’re really friendly and will make you feel welcome. We usually start by sitting in a circle as people arrive, and we like to make tea/coffee and eat cake! We introduce ourselves and our gender pronouns (he/she/they/something else) and then we start whatever activities we’re doing that day.

  • Meeting Frequency: Bi-monthly Meetup
  • Meeting Day:  2nd and 4th Sunday
  • Meeting Times:
    • Turtles – Under 16s 12-2pm
    • Femolition Squad – Trans women/femme 2-3pm
    • Afternoon Tea – Over 16s 3-5pm

Meeting Address

Manchester LGBT Centre
49/51 Sidney Street
North West
M1 7HB

Contact Info

Email: sam.cresswell@theproudtrust.org

Phone: Not Provided

You can also use the contact button below to send an email directly to this groups contact person: