Our parents group grew out of a need for parents of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender children and young people to meet and offer each other support and friendship.

Since the group began in 2013 it has grown hugely over that time. We are supported by Allsorts Youth Project which provides financial support, advice and information to the group. We always have a member of the Allsorts team at our group meetings.

Our parent’s group meets monthly and is run and organised by parents and carers who share an experience of supporting our transgender and gender questioning children and young people. The group also has a private Facebook page for us to share information, news and provide support to each other.

  • Our Aims
  • A group in which you can find new friends
  • A safe and supportive environment to share experiences and information in confidence.
  • A place to give and receive understanding without judgement.
  • A group both in person and on Facebook within which we share a basic understanding that our children and young people deserve our support and where, even though we may at times struggle with our feelings as parents and carers, we believe our children and young people’s feelings and choices are valid.
  • A group that decides together what kinds of information and resources we want to draw upon
  • A group that works together to fundraise to help support the running costs
  •  A group that provides a stakeholder voice for our families with local services such as education and health

What we don’t do:

  • Provide or subscribe to one explanation of why our children and young people are transgender or gender questioning
  • Accept language that is transphobic
  • Meeting Frequency: Monthly
  • Meeting Day:
  • Meeting Times: 

Meeting Address

You will not be able to attend any of our groups or services without having had an introductory meeting with a staff member.

Young People’s Centre
69 Ship Street

Contact Info

Email: info@allsortsyouth.org.uk

Phone: 01273721211

Or contact using the contact group button below via our secure contact form: