Are you gender variant in any way? Many labels and adjectives are used to describe aspects and degrees of gender variance, including ‘cross-dresser’, ‘transvestite’, a ‘transman’, a ‘transwoman’, ‘intersex’ or ‘transsexual’ person. Alternatively, are you close to someone who is gender variant? Do you live, work in, or visit Gloucestershire or the surrounding area? Are you looking for a safe and supportive environment in which you can be yourself and no-one will put you down?
If so, Gloscats may be for you.

  • Meeting Frequency: Monthly Meetup
  • Meeting Day:  3rd Thursday
  • Meeting Times: 8.00pm

Meeting Address

River City (Formerly The Albion)
130 Cumberland Road
South West

Contact Info

Email: gloscats@gmail.com

Phone: 01179292109

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