HRRAT welcomes all those who identify as “trans”. “Trans” is used as an umbrella term and includes (alphabetically and not exclusively): Androgyne, Bigender, Cross-dresser (CD), Drag King, Drag Queen, Female to Male (FTM), Genderqueer, Intersex, Male to Female (MTF), Trans Men, Trans Women, Transgender (TG), Transsexual (TS), Transvestite (TV).

  • Meeting Frequency: Monthly Meetup
  • Meeting Day:  Last Wednesday
  • Meeting Times: 19:00

Meeting Address

C/O Ore Community Centre,
455 Old London Road
South East
TN35 5BH

Contact Info

Email: info@hrra.org.uk

Phone: 07593444677

You can also use the contact button below to send an email directly to this groups contact person: