Transit have chat rooms (IRC based, on the Freenode network), which can be used for members of the transgender community to contact each other:

The +s flag is set on all of these channels so that someone can’t know you’re in these channels when they run whois on your IRC nick. The only way for someone to know is if they join those channels and see you there.

These are safe spaces. You are free to be yourself here, without judgment.

  • ##transit This is a support channel, for people who need support. It is not a social channel. For general socializing/discussions (even about things that are off-topic in a trans support group), go to the ##transit-social channel (see below):
  • ##transit-social (general lobby or meeting place for the community, for people of all gender identities whether female, male, non-binary, etc. Anyone is welcome. Intersex people and eunuchs are also welcome. This is for socializing. Support goes in the main channel!)
  • ##transit-nsfw – sensitive topics go here.