Four Pillars ‘TransParent’ group is a support group for parents with transgender children. It is noted that there is no age limit for this group and your “child” may well already be in their 40s. Four Pillars recognise that no matter the age they will still be your “child” and you want the best for them. In that, this group offers peer support and education to all. The group meet monthly and share information on learning about what it means for their child to be transgender and how best they can support their child.

This group runs on the First Sunday of the month If you would like to attend please contact using the info below in the first instance.

  • Meeting Frequency: Monthly
  • Meeting Day:  First Wednesday of the Month
  • Meeting Times: N/A

Meeting Address

Cummings Park Community Centre
Cummings Park Cres
AB16 7AS

Contact Info

Email: mail@fourpillarsuk.org

Phone: 07583484435

Or email the group by using the contact group button via our secure contact form. No data is stored.